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Download TikTok for Asian users

TikTok is a social media craze, and not just in China. It's a video-sharing app that ByteDance created to make it easy for people of all ages to share short videos with others. One of the most popular genres on TikTok is dance vids, but you'll also find comedy sketches or educational content too. 

Tiktok has been around since 2016, formerly known as Douyin, when it debuted exclusively in China. However, its popularity quickly spread globally due to its ease of use - especially among teens who loved making quick 15 second long clips about anything from selfies or pets doing cute things. In addition, TikTok recently enabled users to create videos up to 3 minutes long, allowing it to further compete with apps like YouTube and Instagram

What can you do with TikTok?

TikTok is a mobile app that allows users to create short videos with filters and music from their own devices. To make videos more interesting, you can choose background music from any genre or use the sound on top of it by recording lip-sync videos to popular songs. You'll even be able to edit the song using speed adjustments before uploading for all friends and followers. 

The 'For You' page is one of its most popular features. The AI on TikTok follows user activity to learn what type of content they enjoy before recommending it in their feed, including anything from short videos and memes to longer clips. These recommendations then allow users who like this kind of stuff to find similar TikToks without having to scroll through endless pages or posts themselves. 

If you're not interested at all in any given video, then clicking 'not interested' will essentially filter out everything else related as well. Only videos featuring 16+ people will show up under the 'For You' page to protect underage users

In addition to filming a video, users can also react or sing along with one. They can do this by using the app's 'React' feature, which allows them to film themselves reacting over the video in an adjustable window that is movable around their screen. TikTok has another trademarked function called 'Duet' where two people can be filmed while singing together - much like did before being bought out by TikTok.

When people are not ready to share a video just yet, they can store it in their drafts. They have the option of posting when ready and then editing videos at any time by tapping on 'Edit', which is located next to where you posted last. 

Users also have the ability to save their favorite songs, hashtags, filters, or sounds for future use in different posts by accessing them from an easy-to-find 'Saved' section on each profile page that only appears when they're logged into TikTok. Users also get messages via direct messaging, which allows them to send emojis as well as video clips of themselves.

Privacy matters

The app also allows users to make accounts private if desired so that only TikTok-approved followers will be able to view your content. Public profiles remain visible until switched to private status manually. Note that the default setting is set to public

Users can choose who can interact with them through the app. For example, the user may allow specific users or only their 'friends' to comment on their posts and send messages. Users also can set specific videos for either public viewing, friends-only viewings, or private viewing that they share in a post regardless of whether it is made by an account set as 'private'.

Find short-form mobile videos 

TikTok is the ultimate destination for short-form videos. With TikTok, you'll find a variety of video content that ranges from sports to pets and everything in between. The clever AI helps curate a personalized feed of videos, which you can help by engaging with each video, giving it a like, or skipping it, for example. 

TikTok makes it easy for you to create your own videos by providing special effects, filters, and music. Uploading is as simple as pushing a button on the website or app. 


  • Lots of video editing options
  • Provides a vast selection of music
  • Filter content by hashtags
  • Short videos don't require lots of time to watch
  • Easily find trending clips and music


  • Easy for children to bypass parent filters

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User reviews about TikTok (for Asia users)

  • shawaizKhans74

    by shawaizKhans74

    I am shawaiz this app work

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    by Harshitha Dimplegowda

    I'm from Karnataka, is this app works for us

  • Harshitha Dimplegowda

    by Harshitha Dimplegowda

    I didn't get any mails regarding this issue.

  • Harshitha Dimplegowda

    by Harshitha Dimplegowda

    This app is not working in my phone. Please check what's wrong. I love tiktok, i installed this but login failed what's wrong 😞

  • Arbaj Khan

    by Arbaj Khan


  • Choti2002 khan

    by Choti2002 khan

    This is a good and vary very nice dayband interestediam so happy


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